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A Moment to Reflect: In Which I Wax a Bit Serious


I was happily tap-tap-tapping away at my upcoming Nudge-Wink contribution (it publishes tomorrow, so click on over and read it, will ya’?) and I saw a little something sitting in our “Media” file.  It looked like this, have you seen it?

Most Influential Blogger

If you’ve been around my blog since late March 2013, you’ve seen it.  Let me tell you about the award.

I made this award up in early March.  I made it up because there are/were certain individuals on the blogosphere that tended to be in my thoughts outside of the world on my computer.  These people have influenced me.

I created the design on my PowerPoint.  I chose the background, the font, the coloring, the transparency.  And I hand-picked the nominees.

I chose the ripples because of what they represent. If you were to drop the tiniest pebble into a body of water, eventually the impact of that action will touch every shore. This is influence.

My first reaction when I saw the picture was to think that someone was poking fun at me. (This is typical.) So I found the post wherein the award was mentioned, and it turns out it was a legitimate awarding. So I follow the link to who awarded it to the Nudge-Wink Report (a blogger I knew), then to the person who nominated her (a blogger I didn’t know). I kept following back and discovered that I did not know any of these bloggers.

So I searched WordPress. When I put in ‘most influential blogger,’ the results were astounding. More than 350,000 posts mentioning the award, each sporting my little jpeg.

MIB Screen


Well, that is what I call a ripple effect.  That is what I call influential.  Not bad for a girl who can’t even talk her siblings into attending her 30th birthday party, right?

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Author: UndercoverL

In order to protect myself and my right to tell the truth about certain people who bother the living schnizzle out of me, I choose to go by a clever pseudonym. You can also call me Natalie. It's not my name, but I wish it were.

22 thoughts on “A Moment to Reflect: In Which I Wax a Bit Serious

  1. Making you the most influential blogger of all.

  2. I had no idea you created that. Awesome!

  3. Meh. Your siblings don’t know and appreciate you like we do.

  4. Is there booze? I’ll come to your party. ;)

    350K posts? Now THAT is an impact – and well worth celebrating. :)

  5. What goes around, comes around. If you want, you can add this little tidbit to the draft post before I upload it in the new year. Add a little TM to your image and upload it and we’ll use that one.

    I can’t believe I know the blogger who made this image. Can I get your autograph?

  6. Why don’t your siblings want to go? I feel I should know this.

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