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Apparently I Needed a Pseudonym

BlogFestivus 2013: The Ultimate Spoiler




Dickens is no longer safe.  His story has been invaded and convoluted.  We are a gang of story-stealing, plot-maiming, website-wielding hoodlums, out to ruin what you have always believed about the characters of A Christmas Carol.  The muppets ain’t got nothing on us.  Our ring-leader is the infamous, incognito BlogDramedy.  But remember, if you mess with one bean, you get the whole enchilada.  Hope you’re hungry.


I am ‘that guy.’  My friends stopped asking me to go to movies with them because I always spill the beans about what is going to happen.  I never mean to do it.  I’ve used my powers to sneak up on them, but it never turns out the way I want it to.

Instead of ruining movie plots, I have taken it upon myself to use my ability to see into the future to help people.  I am sort of like Steve Jobs.  Only I don’t know much about computers.  And I don’t run a big business.  I guess I could, but I would rather sit at home and play Assassins Creed XVI.  I beat them all in like four hours because I always know where the bad guys are.

Gamer Kid

I can’t read books anymore.  I give the ending away to myself.  I’ve made a game out of seeing how much money I can lose on the stock exchange.  I tried committing random crimes, but it got really old and I always end up feeling bad after.

But there is this one guy.  His name is Scrooge.  If anyone needs help, it is him.  This guy is so damned clueless.


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Author: UndercoverL

In order to protect myself and my right to tell the truth about certain people who bother the living schnizzle out of me, I choose to go by a clever pseudonym. You can also call me Natalie. It's not my name, but I wish it were.

3 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2013: The Ultimate Spoiler

  1. Okay. I admit. That image scared me just a little. I don’t want him in my future. Thank you in advance.

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