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5 Things You Need to Know for the Weekend of December 21


If you are under 21 (18, if you’re in the military), or of a sensitive disposition, or have a modicum of respect for me, you probably should not read this. If you have a sense of humor, can occasionally take a turn for the more irreverent, or think that you can do amazing things with your private bits, read on. I still kind of can’t believe that I wrote and published this. What would my grandmother say?

Originally posted on The Nudge Wink Report:

It’s Saturday and this is Undercover L bringing you 5 things you must know before continuing your life.  If you don’t read this, you can be expected to be shunned by everyone, including your moustached Aunt Eugene.  Besides, these nuggets of wisdom will blow the socks off of everyone at your Christmas party, and let’s be honest:  who doesn’t want to blow socks off?  No one, that’s who.

(Drinking Game Alert!!  Whenever you read the word  ‘vagina’ – or any of its derivatives [i.e. vag, vaggy, vajayjay, R. Kelly, etc.]—you need to take a shot.  Get out the bottle because I can almost guarantee that we will need it.)


1)  Warm and Cozy, but Kind of Gross

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Most Influential Blogger


A Moment to Reflect: In Which I Wax a Bit Serious

I was happily tap-tap-tapping away at my upcoming Nudge-Wink contribution (it publishes tomorrow, so click on over and read it, will ya’?) and I saw a little something sitting in our “Media” file.  It looked like this, have you seen it?

Most Influential Blogger

If you’ve been around my blog since late March 2013, you’ve seen it.  Let me tell you about the award.

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Tiny Tim


BlogFestivus 2013: The Big Swindler



We’ve tweaked.  We’ve warped.  We’ve written.  We’ve worked.  We’ve twerked.  (Okay, I’ve twerked, but no one saw it and I certainly didn’t instagram it, so there is no proof.  It’s your word against mine.)  Whatever else we’ve done, we have done it all in the spirit of BlogFestivus.  Sadly, this is the final installment in a series that outlines specific characters in the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Continue reading


BlogFestivus 2013: The Ultimate Spoiler



Dickens is no longer safe.  His story has been invaded and convoluted.  We are a gang of story-stealing, plot-maiming, website-wielding hoodlums, out to ruin what you have always believed about the characters of A Christmas Carol.  The muppets ain’t got nothing on us.  Our ring-leader is the infamous, incognito BlogDramedy.  But remember, if you mess with one bean, you get the whole enchilada.  Hope you’re hungry. Continue reading


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